Now You Can Type to Siri!

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Earlier you have to talk to Siri in order to get what you want or do, now you can type to Siri as well.

Siri is still behind Google Now in many ways but it looks to be catching up with the Google’s Assistant in the New iOS 11 update. You can type or talk to Siri in the new update.

Here’s how our conversations with Siri goes: We press the Home button & ask a question and then realize that Siri didn’t hear us or we started talking before Siri was listening. Then we ask again in a louder voice because Siri still didn’t get it right. After all this frustration, we open our Google Search App & ask our question or just type it in.

You can now type or talk to Siri in the new update. Now you don’t have to worry when Siri misheard you or didn’t understand what you said as you can now finally type your questions or queries to her. It’s also practical or helpful when you are sitting in a quiet coffee shop or movie theater and want to ask Siri something.

To enable the feature, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Siri and toggle on Type to Siri. Now, when you long-press the Home button, Siri will pop up with her familiar “What can I help you with?” question but with a search bar and keyboard below.

You can also have both options of talking & typing to Siri. You can enable the “Hey, Siri” command so that you can speak to Siri or you can Long-press the Home button to type your queries to Siri. You can find this setting in Settings > Siri & Search.

This is a developing story and stay tuned for more updates!



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