How to Uninstall Star Citizen – 4 Effective Solutions


Star Citizen is a multiplayer space simulation game with combat and trading competition that has been developed by Cloud Imperium Games.

This game features imaginative and engaging gameplay, which you are going to play for hours and hours.

But recently, gamers are encountering a lot of errors and problems with the game, which forces them to Uninstall Star Citizen game.

Star Citizen Installer error is one of the errors faced by different users who want to uninstall the game.

Today, we share the steps in which you will get to know How to Uninstall Star Citizen game as it gives a lot of errors when uninstalling it.

Why Should we Uninstall Star Citizen:

The main reasons to uninstall star citizen game are as follows:

1. Speed Problem:


Your system may not be capable of running the Star Citizen game if it does not have the necessary installation requirements. 

Star Citizen is a massive game with the best graphics, and it requires you to have 100GB’s of free space on your hard drive. 

Therefore, you may want to uninstall it as it may be slowing down all the processing power of all the files & folders on your pc or laptop because it gets overloaded.

And, if you are getting these problems, then uninstalling the game is the only option. Therefore, we have shared below how to uninstall Star Citizen game from your pc or laptop. 

2. System Requirements:


The Star Citizen game is an exceedingly enjoyable game for many gamers, but it can take a toll on your PC or system if you do not have the required specifications or configuration.

The minimum system requirements that you need to have on your pc are:

  • You must have a Windows 8.1 or 10 with the latest Service Pack.
  • Quad-Core CPU of Intel or AMD.
  • The DirectX 11 Graphics Card with at least 3 GB RAM.
  • Minimum 16 GB memory and at least free space of 65 GB’s on your pc.

The recommended system requirements to play the Star Citizen game on your pc smoothly without any problems are:

  • Windows 10 with the latest Service Pack is recommended.
  • Quad-Core Intel or AMD CPU is a must for the Star Citizen game.
  • The DirectX 11 Graphics Card with 4 GB+ RAM.
  • And 16 GB DDR4 Memory with free space of 65 GB on your system.

If your system or pc does not have at least the minimum requirements, you must uninstall the Star Citizen game as it will jeopardize the overall performance of your pc.

3. Graphics Card Compatibility:


The Star Citizen game is suitable for high-end PCs only, with the latest graphics cards that can easily handle it.

You must have at least a Quad-Core CPU of Intel or AMD as these Graphics Cards will run most games smoothly without any overheating or excessive fan noise.

If you do not have the latest graphics cards, your PC or system may not be compatible with the Star Citizen game and create problems.

Therefore, you may be looking for the How to Uninstall Star Citizen game.

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How to Uninstall Star Citizen?

Here we have mentioned the different ways in which you will get to know How to Uninstall Star Citizen from your pc or system.

Any one of the methods can work for you in uninstalling the game:

1. Deleting the Star Citizen Game Launcher:

The first way to uninstall the Star Citizen Game is to uninstall its launcher from the Control Panel.

To do that, you must follow the mentioned below:

  • Open Control Panel.
  • Click on “Uninstall a Program.”
  • Find the Star Citizen Launcher from the list of programs that come.
  • Click on it and hover over to the Uninstall button, and click on it.
  • Then, follow the steps that come and give permissions that are asked for to Uninstall Star Citizen game.

2. Deleting the Cloud Imperium Game:

  • Go to the Control Panel.
  • Click on Programs and search for the Star Citizen file.
  • Right-click on it to uninstall or remove it.
  • You must then go into the Program Files(x86) in the drive where all new programs are installed.
  • Choose Cloud Imperium Game and delete all the game files.

Note: If you delete all the Cloud Imperium Game files, then all your game files and data will get deleted, and you may not be able to recover them.

It may be important for you to delete all the files from your system to free up the space that the Star Citizen game occupied.

3. Deleting User Folder:

The other alternate way on How to Uninstall Star Citizen would be to delete the user folder from the Program Files.

To do that, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Drive on your PC where all the installed files are stored (For example, C Drive).
  • Choose Program Files.
  • The locate and right-click on User Folder.
  • Delete the User folder.

4. Deleting the RSI Launcher:

If any of the above options did not work for you in uninstalling or deleting the Star Citizen game, you could delete the RSI Launcher.

Another advantage of deleting through the RSI Launcher is that it will save your custom files if you have a custom setting.

To save your custom files, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Program Files from the Drive where the game is stored.
  • Find and open Robbert Space Industries, click on Star Citizen, and then click on Live.
  • In the Live Folder, go to Controls, and then you must go to Mapping.
  • And save your files there.

Once you have saved the custom files, you can delete the Star Citizen game via the RSI Launcher.

To do that, follow these steps:

  • Open Run.
  • Insert “%appdata%” and press OK to open the User Folder.
  • Go to AppData, and then Roaming.
  • From here, delete the RSI Launcher folder.

To delete the Star Citizen Folder from the Local files, follow these steps:

  • Open Run.
  • Type “%localappdata%“, and press Enter.
  • Again from the Users folder, go to AppData, and then open Local this time.
  • From here, delete the Star Citizen folder.
  • Now, go to the Program Files folder, and from here, you have to delete all the RSI files and folders.
  • At last, empty the Recycle Bin.

These are the methods or ways in which you can uninstall the Star Citizen game from your PC.

If you get into any problems or questions regarding uninstalling the Star Citizen game, then we have shared a video tutorial to show you How to Uninstall Star Citizen:


Star Citizen runs into many problems when uninstalling the game. Therefore, we have mentioned the different ways you can uninstall it from your pc or laptop.

The methods shared here are the simplest and easiest ways to delete or Uninstall Star Citizen game.

If you have any difficulties, you can share that in the comments section below, and we would love to help you out.

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