Permanent Price Drop for Essential Phone at $499


The greatest grievance with the Essential Phone was the price. While the phone absolutely had a premium style with a great software application experience, the $700 asking rate was an aching point for many possible buyers. Now there is a Permanent Price drop for Essential Phone at $499.

It’s quite clear that the primary factor for this cost drop, less than 2 months after the very first orders began shipping, is that the Essential Phone has actually not been a substantial sales success. It was also released a couple of weeks prior to the release of Samsung’s greatly hyped Galaxy Note 8 which also resulted in fewer sales.

In accordance with TechCrunch, Essential thinks that dropping the cost would assist it much better get into the smartphone market, which is clearly controlled by companies like Samsung, Google, and Apple. It’s a typical practice for start-ups to price their very first items really low,  in order to acquire a preliminary credibility and user base.

The Essential Phone, hold some outstanding hardware specifications, including its almost bezel-less 5.71-inch display screen, its 128 GB of onboard storage, it’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, and its well-crafted design, utilizing a titanium frame and ceramic shell. With the stock Android experience, the Essential Phones lacked in terms of offering an intriguing software and poor camera functionality having a lot of issues of which some were fixed following a numerous software updates, with more guaranteed in the future.

If you currently purchased the Essential Phone at the original price, the Essential support will send you a $200 ‘family and friends’ credit that can be utilized with the 360-degree video camera or another important phone accessory.

Due to the price drop, the Essential Phone looks like a fairly good purchase considering the hardware features you will be getting at the price. Would you be interested in buying the Essential Phone as now it is priced at $499? Let us know in the comments section below!


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