Rabbit Alternatives – 25 Best Alternatives to Rabbit


Are you looking for the Best Alternatives of Rabbit, then you have come to the right place as today we are about to tell you the 25 Best Rabbit Alternatives.

The Rabbit was a top-rated platform where people enjoyed watching the content, stream, and socialize with friends and people with the same interests.

But, Rabbit had to shut down because it ran out of money, and was taken over by Kast, a competing streaming service.

And after the takeover, Kast has taken a lot of time to transfer all the main features of Rabbit that were treasured by the users.

Kast has updated some of the features in the recent updates, but they are not able to execute them properly. It can take some time to understand what the users want from the streaming service.

Therefore, we have mentioned all the 25 Best Rabbit Alternatives in this post, to help you give some options streaming or enjoying your content online. 



Airtime is one of the other Rabbit Alternatives, which allows users to watch videos or movies together and listen to music with their friends.

It has a mobile app for both iOS and Android on the App Store and Play Store, respectively.

Creat chat rooms, video group chats, listen to music, and enjoy watching videos or movies with synchronicity from YouTube and Spotify.

Play games with your friends and share funny Gifs in the chat room.

The only drawback of Airtime is that only a few platforms are supported here.



Watch2gether is also an alternative to Rabbit.

As the name suggests, Watch2gether enables you to watch all the content, videos, files, and more with your friends.

Create your room or chatrooms without any signing up or buying any subscriptions and invite your friends to join your room.

Watch YouTube, Facebook, and Dailymotion videos in synchronicity with your friends.

Listen to your favorite songs or watch your loved movies with your friends on Watch2gether.

Users cannot access Netflix or Amazon as they are 3rd party apps, but you can access from an extensive library of free videos available on Watch2gether.



Create your public or private chat room with &Chill instantly, where you can begin watching videos with your friends.

Users are just a click away from experiencing all the features available at &Chill, which makes it a perfect Rabbit Alternative.

Browse through the open public chat rooms available on the front page.

All the information about the room, like how many people joined and what they are watching, can be seen before entering.



Watch and share music, videos, or movies with your friends at Rave, as it is also a Rabbit Alternative.

Rave is a social media center where you can share videos from many platforms like YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, Reddit, and many more.

Users can also access it from a smartphone as you can download the app from the Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

Users are also allowed to access Netflix with Rave.

Rave allows users to access it from any platform you want, which makes it an easy recommendation for the Alternative to Rabbit.



Metastream is an impressive video streaming website with superior technology to deliver enhanced streaming with live synchronized playback to its users.

Users get one of the best streaming experience at Metastream.

It also enables users to access on-screen chat with smart user management.

It does not have audio or webcam support. Plus, it also lags the ability to stream local video or audio files.

Metastream supports all the major video streaming platforms like YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, and many more.

Netflix Party


Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to share using the browser.

It is required to install the extension on the platforms you are sharing the videos or screens.

Use the extension to create your Netflix Party, where you can invite your friends and share a synchronized video from YouTube or Netflix.

As the name suggests, it operates exclusively for Netflix, and it does not work for any other platform like Amazon or YouTube.

But, it is an excellent choice if you want to binge-watch Netflix movies & shows with your friends.



The Squad is another video streaming application that is available on Android as well as iOS and is one of the Rabbit Alternatives.

Users can download the app from their respective Play Store and App Store.

Users can quickly start a room and invite friends or family for video chat, screen sharing, and watching videos on your smartphone or tablet with your friends.

You can stream movies or shows from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and many more.

It offers excellent synchronized playback while watching content with your friends or family.



Another web-based chat room service that is similar to Rabbit is Synaptop.

It lets users watch synced content with family and friends for free without any registration or signing up, but you have to create an account which is mandatory to create rooms.

Synaptop has substantial content, like movies, music, games, and many more, fulfilling the needs of all the users.

It is a desktop sharing app where you can share all types of content.

Users have to access the website anywhere they want, as it is a web-based app, which can be opened from anywhere.

The only drawback here is that you can only stream the content available on the website and nothing else.



Kosmi grants you the possibility of hanging out with your friends virtually without signing up or installing any software. 

You can interact over a webcam and chat after creating your room. Also, share your screen, browser access, and whatever you choose. 

With Kosmi, you can do the following:

  • Share your screen for watching your favorite Netflix or Amazon movies together with your friends. 
  • No delay while sharing or watching anything over YouTube or Videos on your pc or laptop.
  • Play games with your friends together while interacting and chatting with everyone involved.
  • Join or create any rooms which can be quickly joined through a URL
  • Interact with everyone with the Discord server implemented by Kosmi.

With frequent updates, Kosmi ensures users’ real-time browsing on its platform. Hence, it makes Kosmi a great Rabbit Alternative.

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Caracal Club


Caracal Club is another one of the best Rabbit Alternatives, which enables users to stream browser virtually.

It indicates that it is going to work on any website you want.

Users can chat with friends or family after creating a private or public room.

It does not have any video or voice chat feature, which is a significant drawback.

But, it works fine just like Rabbit in all other departments.

Users are limited to only some rooms for free, and after that, you may want to get a subscription for $5 per month to be able to create a room any time you want.



TogetherTube enables you to watch films and listen to music from YouTube, Dailymotion, and various other supported platforms, which makes it an exceptional Rabbit Alternative.

All users can create rooms and share files, videos, or screens to watch, interact, and enjoy with relatives or friends.

You can also chat and share videos from supported platforms and compile them on a playlist.

Users are allowed to vote, and the most voted video gets played next.

You can adjust the chat room settings to limit some users from voting or interacting, and you can also change the name of the room.



Syncplay is a software you have to download for your laptop or pc.

To share anything in Syncplay, the other users also have to install the same software on their pc or laptop.

It does not have a mobile app, but the program is accessible on all major platforms like macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Users can launch the media center, which is synced across all the connected friends or users after you finish its installation, which enables them to share video files, listen to music or access the data on your pc or laptop.

It is also another one of the prominent Rabbit Alternatives.



As Kast has taken over Rabbit, it has become one of the most qualified Rabbit Alternatives.

Users have to access Kast by downloading its software or obtaining it by web-browser.

It is available for all major platforms like Windows and macOS.

Kast is a reliable program where you can host movies or videos and watch them with your relatives or friends.

Up to 100 members can join a chat room where you can interact, watch or listen to music on many supported platforms.

Users can additionally encounter real-time gaming with their buddies on Kast.



Tutturu.tv is a browsing application, just like Rabbit, where users can create private or public rooms and invite their friends or family for synchronized sharing and interaction.

Users can interact with text chat or voice chat using Tutturu.tv.

It is a free service, and no registration is required, but an additional subscription for $5 for users who want to create rooms at peak hours when due to a massive volume of traffic, the rooms are not available.

Screen sharing is coming soon in Tutturu.tv.

Users do not need an active subscription or buy it if they want to view chat rooms or groups.



Parsec is also one of the other Rabbit Alternatives.

It is a game streaming application where you can also stream your favorite videos or movies.

Invite your family or friends to stream videos or movies and watch it in real-time synchronicity without any interruptions or lag.

Parsec also facilitates users to communicate or comment on any streaming content in real-time, which is an excellent feature.

It has an excellent synced playback that rivals all the other Rabbit Alternatives.

The only drawback of Parsec is that it does not have any support for audio or webcam, but users can access the group chat feature to interact or communicate with your friends or family.



Twoseven is an online video streaming site where users can communicate or talk with each other through the chat feature.

But, it does not have the support for live audio comments or opinions from the users.

The foremost focus of Twoseven is to provide users with real-time synced playback without any interruptions or lag.

And it also ensures that users can contribute to the live-reactions of themselves through a webcam.

Twoseven also supports all the major video or movie streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and many more, which makes it one of the best Rabbit Alternatives.



SyncLounge is also one of the Rabbit Alternatives if you use Plex.

As SyncLounge enables users to play synced media perfectly without any compromise in quality.

It uses its servers to let users get synced playback, plus creating room for your friends and family to interact or communicate.

Users can chat with each other by creating groups or rooms at SyncLounge.

But it is more known for its playback video quality that is synchronized correctly.



ShareTube can be rated as one of the most reliable Rabbit Alternatives.

ShareTube lets you create chat rooms, where you can invite your friends or relatives to watch synchronized videos or movies.

It has a straightforward way of joining and creating chat rooms, which enable users to use the website efficiently and without any difficulties.

Its major drawback is that it is only limited to YouTube, which limits users to watch Netflix or Amazon movies with their friends.

There is no need to create an account or signing up at ShareTube as it is free to use, and users can start creating chat rooms without any problems.



AnimeParty is another online video streaming website where most of the media is Anime.

It has a fantastic Anime library from where you can select your favorite Anime series and start watching it with your friends with excellent synchronized playback.

Users can invite their family and friends in private rooms to interact or communicate with each other.

Choose and watch amazing Anime titles here at AnimeParty with the best-synchronized playback.



Vynchronize is also one of the Rabbit Alternatives.

It helps users to stream content with family or friends with excellent synchronization without any latency.

Users can join the room by Name, or you can Enter Room ID.

You can also invite others to your private or public rooms to interact or communicate with your friends or family.

Together TV


Together TV is also one of the Rabbit Alternatives, which allows users to share or stream shows & movies from Netflix, Amazon, and many other streaming services without sharing your login information.

It can also share or stream videos, films, and audio uninterrupted from your pc or laptop.

Users can access Together TV for free without paying for any subscription or registration.

You can chat with your friends on this platform, which is a unique feature among all the Rabbit Alternatives.



No need to create your account with MyCircle TV as it is a web-based platform where you can efficiently operate and create room to talk and share files with your friends.

MyCircle TV enables you to run content from YouTube and other major supporting platforms for free, which makes it an exceptional Alternative to Rabbit.

Create playlists from your uploaded videos or the videos that are already on the platform.

For you to upload videos, you need to upload it through myCloud instead of Google Drive or Dropbox.

Users get the feature to share or invite friends through sharing a link or sharing on Social Media platforms.



Explorii also can be considered as one of the prominent Rabbit Alternatives.

It has a comparatively brand-new smartphone app where users can examine and learn about the culture, food, habits, fashion, and rituals of a particular country.

The Explorii is a social networking app where users can chat in private rooms, watch or stream movies, do group video calls, and call anyone in the world via the internet.

Playnow: Watch Together

Playnow is another one of the Rabbit Alternatives.

It is one of the best when it comes to watching videos or movies with your friends or family.

Users can also text to interact or communicate with each other.

Playnow is only available on your smartphone or tablet. And it can be downloaded on both platforms iOS or Android.

Just swipe left and choose the video you want to watch; it will play in sync with your friends.

Watch together, and enjoy watching videos or movies with your friends.


Simulchat enables users to view films and create private chat rooms to play games, watch videos, and share files.

It also permits users to make video calls or chat with their friends on this platform.

Watch YouTube videos with your friends, access all files, and share a screen with them.

It gives you the freedom to watch videos in synchronicity, just like watching a movie or video on TV.

As Netflix and Amazon are 3rd party apps, so you cannot access it to watch movies, but you can share your videos and watch them.

Users have to sign up on Simulchat, but it is free, and then you can create your room and interact or chat.


So that is our list of the 25 Best Rabbit Alternatives, which are going to help you watch videos or movies with your friends or family in flawless synchronicity.

All the mentioned Alternatives of Rabbit are excellent in functionality and characteristics.

All these applications are going to help you interact or communicate with your friends and relatives.

Hope, you liked this post, and it helped you.

And if you have any problem, then share it with us in the comments section below.

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