Minecraft Water Elevator – A Comprehensive Guide


Today, we are going to discuss all on How to Make a Minecraft Water Elevator in a simple manner without any intricate designs.

Minecraft is an enormous multi-player game with multiple elements and items.

It can be a challenging task if you want to explore every aspect of the game.

Recently, the game had an Aquatic Update on the Java Edition of the Minecraft game.

This update was centered on enhancing the use of water and the overall water gameplay, which proved to be effective in many forms as water can be used to move various items and elements.

In this way, you would be equipped to move up and down freely without drowning as you will be ready to travel on air bubbles in the water.

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How to Make Minecraft Water Elevator

Minecraft Water Elevator is mainly used to travel upside and down.

And today, we are going to tell you in this guide how you can build or make a working Minecraft water elevator to move up and down quickly without any problems.

Some essential elements that you would need to make a water elevator in the Minecraft game are water buckets, glass blocks, doors, kelp, soul sand block, and magma block.

Follow these instructions to build a Minecraft water elevator quickly:

  • The glass blocks will be used to surround the water to make an elevator.
  • Build these blocks up to where you want the elevator to be until you are happy with the height of the elevator.


  • Now, you have to go down back to the bottom and place a door at the outside of the water elevator structure, as shown:


  • Build on top of the door in glass to the height of your Minecraft water elevator.
  • After completing the structure of the water elevator, go to the top and put a water source in the top middle block going down all the way to the bottom.


  • Now we have to put kelp on the entire elevator inside the water to turn all the water blocks into source blocks.
  • The reason for turning the water into source blocks was to transform this thing into a Minecraft water elevator.
  • Go down to the bottom of the elevator and break the kelp.
  • Now, you have to put down soul sand on the bottom, and now it turns it into an elevator that will go up.


  • The Downward elevator is the same thing with only change in the bottom block, which is going to be replaced with the Magma block so that it goes down as well.
  • So, you can break the block and change it, again, to go up and down but this is not an ideal situation.
  • Therefore, you must build another column with glass blocks so that you can go down as well. (just as shown below)


  • Repeat the same process as shown above, but you must replace the soul sand block with the magma block on the bottom.

Now, you have a working Minecraft water elevator in Minecraft that is going to help you go up and down instantly.

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We have shown you the simple way on How to Make a water elevator in Minecraft with this tutorial.

You can also watch the recommended videos that we have mentioned above to build a complex water elevator as well.

Water Elevators can be used for a lot of purposes in developing automated transportation farms with impressive designs.

If you run into any problem building or making a Minecraft water elevator in the Minecraft game, then feel free to tell us in the comments section below.

We are going to help you in any way possible.

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