Festival of The Lost Secret Triumph – How To Unlock It In Destiny 2

Festival-of-The-Lost-Secret-Triumph - How-To-Unlock-It-In-Destiny-2

Hey everyone, today we are learning How to Unlock Festival of the Lost Secret Triumph.

The triumph has been problematic as they only have hinted towards a Spider Vision, and the majority have not understood as to what it is and what it means.

The Festival of the Lost Secret Triumph is a yearly Destiny 2 Halloween event where gamers are supposed to complete the task given before it gets put back on the shelf for further time.

The gamers with addition to the masks also have to get the exceptional Braytech Warewold auto rifle and unlock all-new achievements linked with the event.

Nevertheless, the Festival of Lost Secret Triumph has been practically unachievable to determine, thanks to the imprecise information provided with it which only mentions of spotting a spider in the player’s vision.

Some theories mentioned that it could be found on the Moon, and some said that it is the new Pit of Heresy dungeon. However, none of the opinions was found accurate.

How to Unlock the Festival of the Lost Secret Triumph

For unlocking the Festival of the Lost Secret Triumph, the players have to visit the Tower and head to the Forest:

Visit the Tower

The initial step to achieving this triumph is to visit the Tower to the Eva Levante.

Gamers need to go to the Eva Levante and buy the new Festival charm consumable for 100 candy.

This Candy is collected to raise the quantity of Chocolate Strange Coins at the end of the ventures in the Haunted Forest.

This Special Festival Charm is going to be the critical factor for acquiring the Spider Vision Triumph, so do not utilise it yet as it will be consumed later inside the Haunted Forest.


Head to the Haunted Forest

Head to the Haunted Forest, and quickly consume the Festival Charm.

You will see that nothing has changed and no difference is made after taking the Charm, and it will all feel like a waste of time.

However, you need to aim down from the scope of your currently equipped weapon and then a spider’s shadow will occur on the screen of the player, and your triumph secret will now be ultimately unlocked.

This is the trigger to unlock the Festival of the Lost Secret Triumph, and the Spider’s Vision after you have seen its shadow coming down the screen of your display.

Alternative Methods to Unlock the Lost Secret Triumph

While some players will be happy to open the secret triumph, the others are still speculating about the exact requirements or the method.

It is guessed that you can get the triumph after pairing up with a particular kind of team, which is not confirmed as of yet.

Some players or gamers were able to unlock the Festival of the Lost Secret Charm without consuming the Festival Charm from the Eva Levante.

And some speculate that the Festival Charm can be acquired by any one member of the team and others will be able to unlock the triumph by just aiming down at the Haunting Forest.

What may have been the situation, the triumph seems to be working now providing many gamers chances to get the last left triumph.

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